AutoEmissions 101 -
the real story behind auto emissions

FACT: There are about 1 million vehicles on Canadian roads today that are 20 years old or older. Removing these vehicles from the road would be the equivalent of removing 37 million vehicles from the road in terms of smog, not to mention the associated safety improvements.

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This slide show explains auto emissions and outlines how the auto industry is being pro-active on this issue.

The auto industry as a whole has signed a voluntary agreement to reduce greenhouse gases by 5.3 megatonnes by 2010. The industry continues to develop new technologies at a rapid pace that will further reduce vehicle emissions.

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California Standards

The federal move toward tough new federal standards already has Canadian automobile manufacturers on track to reduce GHG’s from light duty vehicles by 5.3 megatonnes by 2010.

In the United States, Congress has set ambitious emissions targets which will prove to be a stretch for the auto industry to meet.

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